"The smells were just overwhelming."

Registered Nurse, Amannda Ramsdell, and Dr. Natalie Moore from UCONN's John Dempsey Hospital spent two weeks volunteering their medical expertise to help the survivors of Hurricane Dorian that ravaged the Bahamas.

The following are some of the words Ramsdell and Moore used when they told their story to wfsb.com: "devastation," "heartbreaking," "and overwhelming smells," They set out going door to door in communities that were hit hardest by the hurricane. Dr. Moore told WFSB:

We gave out at least 100 tetanus shots to individuals who had suffered puncture wounds by stepping on nails. The smells as you walked by certain homes and large structures were overwhelming. It's a smell that you'll never forget.


The two women said it was total devastation everywhere they looked. At least 50 people lost their lives and 1,300 are still missing. Dr. Moore and RN Amannda Ramsdell joined the International Medical Corps a non-profit group formed to help out people in situations like Hurricane Dorian.

Both Moore and Ramsdell told WFSB that witnessing the loss and devastation of so many Bahama residents put so many things in perspective as they arrived home.

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