Some of the very best Haunted Houses in Connecticut have opened for the season and they're ready to scare you to death! Here are some of the best according to and

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    Nightmare On Wolcott Street - Waterbury

    'Nightmare On Wolcott Street' in Waterbury is one of the best and scariest haunted houses in the tri-state area! There's even a warning on their website which says, "You will experience intense audio, fog or damp conditions, moving floors, special effects,  and sudden actions, Do not ENTER if you have a respiratory or heart condition." This indoor haunted attraction features over 60 rooms of terror including chainsaws, creepy sounds, animatronics, live characters, and blood and gore! 'Nightmare' is designed for a true haunted house connoisseur and they're opened to scare the crap out of you, Thursday through Saturday from 6 to 11pm until Halloween.

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    Dark Manor Haunted House - Norwich

    'Dark Manor's' tag line is 'Where terror lives in Eastern Connecticut.' This is another haunted house where terror experts flock to every Halloween. They feature, 'Floors of terrifying fright with freaks and screams.'  The 'Graveyard Haunted Village' features zombies and chainsaw freaks. If there's such a thing as a 'professional haunted house,' Dark Manor is it! They're open this week Thursday thru Sunday((10/9 - 10/11) from 6:30pm until 12 midnight. Check their website for other event days and times.


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    Trail of Terror - Wallingford

    According to Katie from Suffield, CT, The 'Trail of Terror' in Wallingford 'Is amazing, worth the wait, worth the money, worth the drive. It's awesome and gets better every year.' Sharpen your teeth, open your eyes, and get ready for a big surprise! Trail of Terror is open Friday thru Sunday from 7pm to 11pm up until Halloween.

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    The Only Scream in Town - North Haven

    Added this year at 'The Only Scream in Town' is 'Inferno' a terrifying trip through the  infernal underworld where you'll meet the tortured souls of the damned. Also brand new this year, welcome to 'Total Armaggdon' where the world as we know it has come to an end and all that's left is ruin and chaos with cannibals and mutants. 'Scream' is opened Friday thru Sunday from 7pm to 10:30 or 11pm.

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    Legends of Fear - Shelton

    'Legends of Fear' is located at the Fairview Tree Farm in Shelton and features the 'Melon Head Revenge Walking Trail' which is over half a mile into a deep dark forest of fear where 30 live creatures can't wait to meet you. This incredibly scary trail is not suited for anyone under the age of 12. Make sure to get on board, the '19th Annual Haunted Hayride' featuring zombies and 60 live creatures that are guaranteed to make you feel 'welcome.' 'Legends' is open Friday, Saturday, and Sundays thru Halloween.