A college professor found that shouting out "Seig Heil" was a very, very bad idea.

Back in November, I passed along the story on of an assistant professor of business at Housatonic Community College who reportedly stood up and gave the Nazi salute while shouting "Sieg Heil" in front of a whole bunch of people. Well, needless to say, that maneuver landed the local professor in some hot water and now, it has ultimately led to him being fired.

The professor in question, Charles Meyrick, was attending a meeting of faculty and administrators from the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities that took place at Manchester Community College on November 2. CSCU President Mark Ojakian told the CT Post:

Mr. Merick's actions took place just days after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and triggered several participants to exit the facility out of for their safety.

Meyrick's outburst lasted more than 10 minutes scaring other college professionals at the meeting. According to an article in the CT Post, an administrative investigation was immediately launched after the incident and they ruled that Meyrick had engaged in serious misconduct, which was just-cause for his termination. The investigation also divulged a history of what is being referred to as "disturbing behavior" from Meyrick over several months, the result of which reportedly made those around him very uncomfortable.

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