Looks like we're going to have a lot of 'happy campers' around the state as camping season at state parks and forests is set to re-open.

May 11 is the date many campers had circled on their calender's as the start of the 2020 camping season, then the coronavirus hit.

When that happened, the date was moved back until June 11, but the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the State of Connecticut were not comfortable with where the COVID-19 virus stood a few weeks back, so the date was moved back again. Now it's official. The opening date has been set.

So clean out your tents, RV, and campers and remark your calendars for Wednesday July 8th as camping season will officially get underway.

According to newstimes.com, and a press release from DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes, the state is currently working to prepare campgrounds to offer safe recreation in accordance with health guidelines.

I am pleased to announce that we will have a camping season this year. It is important that our state offer as many outdoor opportunities as possible for people to enjoy, provided we can do so safely. I am especially appreciative of the hard work by our parks staff to get ready for the camping season - there are many steps needed this year to keep our staff and the public safe, and our team will be working hard leading up to the July 8 opening to ensure a positive and safe visitor experience.

If you're a camper with an RV and had previously made a reservation for any dates starting with July 1, those will be honored and you'll be able to keep that reservation, anyone else who had reserved spots before that date will be eligible to receive a refund.

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