During an appearance Monday (1/27/20) on "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports said the Chargers have "moved on" from QB Phillip Rivers. This comment immediately set the internet on fire with speculation about Tom Brady possibly ending up a Charger.

It makes sense for many reasons; Brady's future with the Pats is obviously in question, it seems he intends to continue playing no matter what and Brady has a home/business interests in L.A. Furthermore, the Chargers have had serious attendance issues since their move to L.A. and with Rivers out they have an opening.

Some might argue they can draft a quarterback, they do have the sixth pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The problem with that argument is at least two, maybe three of the teams that pick ahead of them are likely to draft a QB. Most mock drafts have Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa off the board by the time the Chargers pick.

The current mock drafts say the Chargers would likely draft Justin Herbert there, a strong college QB out of Oregon.That's cool but ask yourself this, if you have a choice between Tom Brady and the third best, unproven college kid, who are you going to pick? The way I see it, if Brady doesn't find his way back to New England, he will be a Charger and I don't think there is a third option. If the Pats don't get their future plans figured out soon, Brady will have lightning bolts on his helmet next year.




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