A Carolina Hurricane's tweet read, "It's back 12.23.18!"

The Hartford Courant is reporting that the Carolina Hurricanes will be wearing Hartford Whalers jerseys during select games during the 2018/2019 NHL season. When the Whalers went belly-up in 1992, Raleigh, North Carolina picked up the franchise and named them the Carolina Hurricanes. They play their home games at the PNC Arena in Raleigh. Carolina Hurricane's GM, Doug Waddell speaking about the Whalers said:

This is a chance to celebrate our team's heritage and the players and coaches who laid the groundwork for this franchise.

Hey fellas, the Carolina franchise is 21 years old and it's not coming back to Hartford, EVER! Do Carolina fans really care about the Hartford Whalers after 21 years? Sure there are those holdover fans who continue to hope and pray that the Whalers will miraculously return to Hartford. It's not going to happen.

On December 23, which the Hurricanes have dubbed 'Whaler's Night,' you can catch Carolina wearing their Whaler's jerseys when they take on the Boston Bruins at home in Raleigh. Roundtrip airfare from LaGuardia to Raleigh-Durham International is going for between $250 and $350 per ticket on Travelocity.com.



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