It looks like a local hot spot for Mexican food is going to have to change some things inside their restaurant based off of a state ruling.

According to the News Times, a complaint was filed recently claiming that the bar counter at Hacienda Don Manuel was not low enough for people in wheelchairs to access and that the restaurant would not allow a handicapped person to take advantage of the "happy hour" specials the restaurant offers since the person in question was not technically seated at the bar.

Based on the complaint, the restaurant was reportedly found to be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To settle this situation, the restaurant has agreed to, and is now in the process of constructing, a fully handicapped accessible bar. A written policy has been issued, explaining happy hour specials for individuals with disabilities and the restaurant must now train their staff on all of the new policies.

The owner of the Federal Road restaurant, Edgar Romero, told that they had already started the renovation, and a new 75-seat bar should be open by as early as next week. U.S. Attorney John H. Durham had this to say about how the situation is being handled:

We appreciate that Hacienda Don Manuel’s ownership and management cooperated during our investigation and we commend their prompt action to ensure the restaurant’s compliance with the ADA.

According to the rules of a complaint like this, the restaurant has up to six months to correct the situation.

If you're handicapped or know someone who is, and feel like you've been discriminated against, feel free to file a complaint contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office at (203) 821-3700.

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