Someone may be trying to steal what's in your wallet at the gas pumps.

The scammers are out this holiday season armed with some funky devices that could grab data from your credit/debit card while you're pumping gas. Skimmers are actually credit card readers attached to gas pump payment terminals.

The problem is there is no immediate way to know you've been ripped off. The only way to find out is if you check your bank statement or credit card activity. How do you combat credit card scammers and skimmers? You could purchase an RFID Blocking Sleeve available on

Photo Credit - Sold by Boxixi Travel
Photo Credit - Sold by Boxixi Travel

According to, most Americans use their debit or credit cards to gas up. Before you swipe or insert your card, take a quick look at the pump. Does the card reader look tampered with or different from the other pumps? If the card reader wiggles before you insert the card, do not use that specific pump and report it to the attendant.

Also, watch out for bluesnarfing or blue skimming. This is when a robber uses Bluetooth technology to get at your credit card data. He could be sitting in a car 100 yards away receiving your data. To prevent cagey individuals from ripping off your well-earned money, click on

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