To me, part of living a complete life is knowing that you've done all you can do when the need is there. Certainly, being a donor of this magnitude involves more than a simple act of paying it forward. But how amazing would it be to know that you saved a life?

Bethel resident, Susan Myers, is currently in liver failure and is hoping someone reading this who has Type O blood, or knows someone that does, will be a match.

You can follow this mom's journey in this blog titled, "Transplant Needed: Susie's Story" written by her daughter, Casey, who reached out to us here at the station in hopes that we can help spread the word.

Credit: Casey Ellis

In an update posted on June 2, here's part of what Casey wrote:

Our top concern for the past 15 months has been mom's liver. We've watched it take everything from her...but the other day it became all-too-apparent that her kidneys are in danger as well.

We are desperate. We've been desperate, but with kidney issues popping up, it's another pressure on us to find the one who will save my mom and our family. Please, help us.

The Yale transplant line is 866-925-3897. If you even might be interested, please call them. Ask about Susan Myers. We need you.

Please take a moment to read all of info in Transplant Needed: Susie's Story because time is really running out for her.

Again, for more donation information, please contact the Yale New Haven Transplant Center Referral line at 866-925-3897