Last night's epic Raiders/Chiefs game on Thursday Night Football featured a wild ending resulting in an Oakland win, tons of penalties and an "incident" sure to plague Marshawn Lynch for at least the next few weeks.

In the 3rd quarter, a few Raiders players had a scuffle with a few Chiefs players. After the whistle blew way too many times the scuffle continued and it was at that point that Marshawn Lynch left the bench and got involved.

Scuffles, fights or scraps happen all the time in sports. There are written and unwritten rules that keep things in check when it comes to a fight. Well, in all the major sports there is a rule that you can never leave the bench or sidelines to get involved. That rule, if I am not mistaken is both written and unwritten.

Lynch did leave the bench, he did scrap with a few players and he sure did push a referee. He was ejected from the game, will likely be fined and suspended for awhile. He did all of that, you could not miss it and yet I don't care.

I am typically super judgmental with pro ball players and their behavior. This is the kind of thing I rail on pro athletes for all the time and I make an exception for Lynch. I give him a pass, where I would castigate others.

Sure, someone might say "that is because he is on your favorite team." That is not actually why. It can't be because I would brush this kind of thing off when he was a member of the Seahawks.

As I sit here right now I cannot tell you why I give Lynch all this latitude. I think the guy is funny, really funny. I think he has everyone fooled that he is a dope. I just find him entertaining on every level. Last night he did not nice things and I laughed my ass off.

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