Believe it or not, some of us are actually breaking the law with our current driver's license, and it's a law I bet you didn't even know existed.

Since the Government has increased their interest in facial recognition, it has lead to some new laws at DMVs around the country. One of the most enforced laws is actually no smiling, or the "no big smiles law" as they call it. The law had been in effect in a number of states, but officially went into effect in all fifty states back in January of this year.

The new no-expression rule was put into effect back in 2005 as part of a federal policy that governs domestic air travel documents since your driver's licence can also be used as a domestic passport.

According to, the problem stems with the facial recognition software which can have issues with faces that aren’t photographed with little or no facial expressions. This software is now being used more and more in most states to crack down on identity theft, and is being used by the FBI and law enforcement to conduct virtual investigations, which can include as much as half of the U.S. adult population. So you see, there are basically three words that describe the new policy: security, security, security.

So if you check your driver's license and you're smiling in the photo, then technically you are breaking the law. And with the mail renewal system, you could go years without getting a new picture taken. If you would like to get a re-shoot, and your license is not up for renewal, just call the DMV for an appointment, shell out $17.50, and they'll hook you up with a new license.

With the "no smiles law" in effect you have to ask yourself one question: would you rather protect your identity or have a cute smile on your drivers license photo? I know what my answer would be, how about you?

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