The N.Y. Jets have one win on the year, franchise QB Sam Darnold seems to be taking steps back and now the organization has infuriated one of it's best players. The Jets seriously mismanaged the Jamal Adams situation yesterday. As free agency opened in the NFL, the narrative became a messy one for the team. Jamal Adams was not happy with the franchise tweeting this:

He says he asked Gase and Douglas not to shop him and heard from his agent, they ignored that and went right ahead talking to the Cowboys. According to ESPN, Douglas says he fielded offers but never shopped Adams. There were also reports the Jets shopped Le'Veon Bell.

Trade talks happen, this is the business of the NFL but the Jets always seem to mismanage even the simplest, most routine things. Yesterday was a prime example of that. What do you expect from a team that hired Adam Gase and then let him run the GM who hired him out of town. I called it, I called it, I called it, I knew Gase would take a team with promising young talent and burn it down, here we are.

The only team in the Tri-State that might be worse is the NY Knicks.

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