An armed man who had allegedly violated a "full no-contact Protective Order" has been shot and killed by Ansonia Police.

According to a press release from the Ansonia Police Department, a female walked into police headquarters to file a complaint about her boyfriend, who had become physically belligerent and was in violation of a Protective Order.

Officers were dispatched to the residence at 81 Myrtle Avenue to talk with the man and reportedly bring him into custody for violating the order. Police say that as they walked into the residence, the distraught man was allegedly holding a knife and retreated further back into the house.

According to the Hartford Courant, Ansonia Police Chief Andrew Cora said his officers ordered the man to drop the knife, and when he allegedly refused to do so, they fired a taser, which had no effect on the suspect.

The suspect then allegedly began to run at the officers, which caused one of the officers to fire one gunshot at the suspect, who was wounded and was rushed to Griffin Hospital in Derby where he later died from his injuries.

Mayor De Blasio Discusses Use Of Police Body Cameras At Police Academy In Queens
Police Body Camera - Getty Images

Because the officers were equipped with body cameras, everything that went down at 81 Myrtle Avenue was documented and then handed over to Connecticut State Police who will conduct a full investigation of the incident.

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