Need some help with the kids? Let Amazon's Alexa discipline the kids for you!

Don't tell me we didn't see this coming. Artificial Intelligence technology has begun, and it's just going to get worse. BTO says it best, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet." Somewhere in the future, you won't need to discipline your kids because a machine will do it for you.

Hey kids, meet your new nanny, Alexa for Kids called "Free Time." Amazon calls it The Echo Dot Kid's EditionIt's a digital assistant with a new mission, to encourage kids to ask it questions politely and to make sure the kids get to bed on time. Right nowm parents still maintain control over Alexa by choosing which features it allows Alexa to say. What could possibly go wrong?

The Echo Dot for Kids won't be released until May 9, but can be pre-ordered through Amazon for $79.99. You'll get 1 year of unlimited "Free Time" for free that has all kinds of cool interactive activities for kids. Check it all out by clicking this link.

Of course, if allowing Alexa to raise your offspring is a little too much for you to handle at this juncture in your life, you can just simply listen to i95 on your Alexa enabled device. Here are the instructions on that:

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