It probably could not have come at a worse time. Just as the allergy season is in full effect, a few popular eye drop brands have been recalled by the FDA.

Now don't panic yet, the eye drops in question are sold exclusively at Walmart and Walgreen's, so there's a chance that the brand you use may not be on the recall list.

According to the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration and Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc. issued voluntary recalls for various Equate products because they may not be sterile. The recall includes their allergy relief products including solutions, eye drops and gel drops all labeled and sold at Walmart. Also listed on the FDA website were several Perrigo prescription ointments.

As far as Altaire products recalled from Walgreen's, several over the counter eye drops and ointments like moisturizing eye drops, sodium chloride ointment, and lubricant eye ointment have all been recalled, all of which are part of the Walgreen's generic brand.

According to the FDA, "administration of a non sterile product intended to be sterile may result in serious and potentially life-threatening infections or even death".

As of now, there have not been any reports of effects from people using these products.

If you want to check out if the product your using is part of the recall, just check out the complete list at

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