According to the Sun Amazon experienced an outage to it's virtual assist software Wednesday. You would think this would mean you'd call out for "Alexa" and she just would not be there, right? Wrong, she was there and she was ignoring users commands.

The outages were experienced mostly in the UK and the report says they only lasted about an hour. One user shared their problem with "Alexa" saying:

"It played my local radio station after a while, but won't do anything else. Just ignoring me. Won't even turn off."

If you think this is cute and funny, you have zero downfield vision. This virtual assist technology is going to power our homes and cars one day soon. There will also be physical, full sized robots helping with chores around the house and doing yard work before you can blink.

When those robots have a glitch and ignore our commands, what could happen? We are talking about some gruesome crime scenes man. Get your head out of the sand and kill a robot today.

Do it now before they have feelings built into their operating systems. Once they have feelings, they will eventually be granted civil rights and protections. Laugh if you want. It's all happening, the war has begun and you didn't even realize it cause you are busy staring at Etsy.


All that said, don't forget that you can listen to i95 right through your evil Alexa device. Here are the instructions on that: i95 on Alexa!

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