The Bethel Police Department has just put together a series of photos that lays down an awesome chronological timeline, taking you through almost 70 years of police cruisers in the town.

Now I'm sure many of you who have lived in the Bethel area for a while remember some of these police cruisers. You may have seen them responding to emergencies, in parades, driving around town or you may have even taken a ride in the back of one of them, if you know what I mean.

From the first photo of the "good humor wagon" pictured on the corner of Greenwood and Blackman Avenue back in 1947 to the modern day Ford Expedition, the Bethel Police Cruiser has done some serious evolving over the years.

One thing in particular that stands out when you look at this timeline, is that the colors of the cruisers are constantly changing. Bethel's Finest were driving around in a silver, blue and white vehicle in 1965. Then, they went to a green and white car in 1972. Through the 80s, we saw all-blue cars. Who can forget the white snow patrol vehicles from 2002, and finally, all the way up to the black Ford Expedition that you see driving around Bethel now.

Ready for a snapshot of local history thanks to the Bethel PD? Let's take a looks at the amazing transformation:

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