Have you ever eaten a Slim Jim in front of someone?

The answer is no, you have not. You certainly have had one, maybe many, but it's just one of those foods you can't eat in front of someone. If you do, people get grossed out and make fun of you to your face. It does not stop there. They will actively recruit others to join in on the mockery. Here are the other three foods that muster up the same reactions:

  • Bonbons - They are the punch line. They are the one treat we all associate with laziness. They do, however, exist. They are still in business, so someone is eating them.
  • Funyuns - Fried, stale onions in a bag. In fact, I don't even think there are any real onions included at all. Either way, they're not healthy, they smell terrible, and people mock you when you crack a bag. Again, someone, somewhere is eating them.
  • Twinkies - This is another treat that has a negative reputation. The way Bonbons are associated with laziness, the Twinkie is associated with being overweight. They are f'n delicious, though.

These are four foods that you HAVE to eat in private or you are shamed to the point of not enjoying your delicious treat. If you think I'm wrong, try it today. Buy a Slim Jim, some Bonbons, Funyuns or a Twinkie, bring it to work, and eat it in front of your co-workers. You will take a beating for sure.

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