He always wanted to be an NFL player and was even invited to try out for the Buffalo Bills, but after playing college football Nicholas Clark realized another dream. He became a New York State Trooper, joining the force in 2015.

Credit: NYSP
Credit: NYSP

All over New York State this week police are mourning this young trooper who was killed in the line of duty trying to help a suicidal man in the town of Erwin, NY according to Newsweek. Trooper Nicholas Clark was just 29 years old. He was responding to a 911 call from a woman regarding her husband, a 43 year old school principal who barricaded himself in a house in Steuben County. The 43 year old shot Clark and then himself.

Tributes are coming in from all over the state for Nicholas who was trying to help the suicidal man. Governor Cuomo assisted in making the announcement to the public Monday afternoon after the tragic event occurred that morning.

Check out this video recalling his college football days:

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