I went to my girlfriend's son's soccer game this weekend.  He is 5.  

Youth sports is hilarious to me. The parents are the best. It's like watching the worst day you have ever had on TV. Watching parents misbehave in the name of their kids having the best life they can and being the best they can is too funny.

My girlfriend and I were the only parents not really being over-the-top and kinda psycho.  We were cackling and laughing at the other parents who were treating it like it was the World Cup.

Hey weirdos, it's 20 5-year-old's kicking each other in the shins with one good kid on the field.

Our boy's attitude was representative of our behavior too. He was the only one who was more concerned with ice cream over soccer than any other kid.  Some of you my say that we are setting him up for failure, but I disagree.

He gets to be 5-years-old. He needs to be allowed to be more concerned with ice cream than soccer accomplishments. When you are 30, 40, 50 ... you can barely remember your high school or college achievements in sports or otherwise.

You will not remember scoring five goals on a Saturday in Danbury when you were still a baby ... and neither will anyone else.

I have always said that the biggest mistake we can make with our kids is to let them peak too early. A young mind cannot handle the success of being a prodigy. They need to be kids, have fun, learn, not have pressure.

I always give my boys the positive reinforcement they need and when they care enough about something to dedicate themselves to be great at something. I will do whatever they need to help them and be as intense as I can to help them achieve their goal.

A 5--year-old needs to play and use their imagination.

I hope I don't sound preachy, but if you are reading this and you are mad ... YOU are the kind of parent I was taking about and you're annoying.

P.S.  I hope I did not come across as the kind of person that thinks everyone should get a trophy...I don't.  You get out what you put in and everyone learns that eventually whether they are willing to admit it or not. You get a trophy for working hard and winning.  If that is important to a little kid then by all means encourage it, but I cannot look at another little kid who is sad because dad and his grown self loaded with failed dreams cannot let up on his kid.