When your team's batting averages are the same as their ages, I guess you just sign whoever is willing. Ike Davis, who was batting an astonishing .268 in Triple A just last week, is now a New York Yankee.

Why not? Someone has to play 1st base, and it can not be Mark Texeria. It can't be Tex because he is always, and I mean always, hurt. In his place now, we have one of the biggest busts in Mets franchise history. For those who don't remember, Ike was a big-time Mets prospect. He was supposed to be a top-level, franchise guy, and turned out to be a strikeout machine. He could teach a class on how to strike out, he was so good at it.

I have called the New York Yankees season over and done with about five times this year, but this is the real sign of the times. This team is old and overpaid, and it's not going to get better anytime soon. Blow it up, sell off what people will buy, and start over. PLEASE!

Or just keep doing what you are doing. Go ahead, and trot dinosaurs out on the field. Let $100 million guys go on the disabled list for half of the season, and when you have a hole in the lineup, look to the Triple A scrap heap.

Ike Davis, welcome to New York again. You stink, so you will fit right in.