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As summer starts, I remember how excited I would be to get my yearbook every June. It was fun to see what the Yearbook Clubs published from the school year, and of course get signatures from my friends, classmates, and teachers.

I was recently browsing my 2005 yearbook and saw "You Know You're A Senior From Somers When ..." page. I was a junior then, but still related to a majority of what they referenced.

Here's a few from the yearbook:

  • You refuse to accept that Somers is upstate and constantly tell people you're not from the city just because you live in New York.
  • Your week isn't complete unless you have eaten a slice of pizza from Fratelli's.
  • You get mad because every time you graduate from one of the schools, they remodel it.
  • You feel like a badass driving to the Danbury Fair because it's in another state.
  • It was the happiest day of your life when the self check-out came to the supermarket.
  • You look for the Somers name on the bottom of Pepsi cans (Pepsi Bottling Company is located in Somers).

My turn:

  • There's practically an elephant in every room. Our town mascot "Old Bet", is represented everywhere. The Elephant Hotel is our town hall, Tusker Peanuts is our preschool when you're a Tusker Tot, school newspapers: The Trunkline and Tusker Times, and Tuskers is our sports teams.
  • You've been to Fireman's Field for the circus around Fathers Day, carnival, or maybe bought a Christmas tree there.
  • You've been to the fireworks celebration at Reis Park or drove around town near the schools to watch if you didn't make it before they close off the roads.
  • You couldn't wait for Author's Day! Our elementary school (Somers Intermediate School) invites children's books authors to teach for a school day and do book signings (Author's Day). Also, SIS' librarians choose students whom requested a filmed private interview with each author. I was lucky to interview Gloria Jean Pickney and meet her husband Jerry, who's also an author and illustrator.
  • Instead of having a junior prom, we had "Canteens" in middle school and themed "Winter Balls" in high school.
  • You were noted as an athlete, musician, artist, and honor student, but not as part of a clique; we all knew and talked to each other.

OK, now it's your turn! Tell us what you come up with in the comments!