My purpose for writing this blog is two-fold -- to wish my awesome daughter-in-law, Kelly, and my wife, Mindy, an amazing Mother's Day. Also to show off my grandchildren, Bradley and Winter.

With some help from and, the following are some of my favorite things that REALLY let the world know you're a mom:

1. You automatically sniff your baby's butt for poops.


Winter - Photo by Ethan

2. You replace the phrase 'nasal mucus' with the name, 'boogies.'


Thank you








.3. You creep into your baby's room just to make sure they're still breathing.


Bradley - Photo by Ethan

4. You leave four pages of instructions for grams and gramps when they babysit          for the first time, forgetting they've raised a couple of their own kids like                    YOU, and you survived.


Bradley and His New Baby Sister, Winter

5. You sneak food because your toddler thinks that if you're eating Rice Krispie          Treats then he should be eating Rice Krispie Treats. 


Getty Images

6. You think going to Target by yourself qualifies as a vacation.


Getty Images

7. You discover yourself singing, 'The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round'      over and over again.


8. You find that anything gross like bodily fluids or poops in the tub don't even            faze you.


Bradley Singing Xmas Karaoke -

9. You've been carrying around a bodega bag filled with snacks, diapers, wipes,      extra clothes, toys, and a package of M&M's for yourself.


My granddaughter "Winter" Photo by Ethan


10.  You find yourself staring at your babies while they're asleep and still can't               believe you've made these precious little creatures, with help of course.


Bradley and Winter - Photo by Ethan


Happy Mother's Day to my wife Mindy and my favorite daughter-in-law, Kelly! I love you both!