Last night's Yankee game versus the Texas Rangers featured a three and a half hour rain delay. When the rain delay was over, Kirby Yates hit three batters, and allowed a two-run single. Needless to say, the Yankees lost 9-6. 

What kind of person actually sits through a three and a half hour rain delay? That's the real question. It's a regular season game, the Yankees are terrible, and it's pouring rain. Those are not ideal conditions.

These are the types that will tell you that they are the real fans. If that is what it means to be a fan, then you can count me out.

I totally get it when fans brave bitter cold temperatures at football games. Going to, for instance, a Packers game at Lambeau in the snow, with the wind whipping, is a once in a lifetime thing. That, to me, sounds fun. Every game in the NFL is a huge deal, because there are so few games, but, in baseball, the season is never ending. Sure, all the games have meaning, but no one will remember this come playoff time. No one is going to say, "Oh, man. You remember that Yankee game in June with the three hour rain delay?! I wish I did not miss that!"

Next time, beat the traffic, fan boys.