According to the NewsTimes, a father and son from New Milford are in hot water for allegedly gunning down a gaggle of geese behind the Walmart on Newtown Road in Danbury.

Andrew Repko III and his son, Andrew Repko IV of New Milford, were discovered with five dead geese in their possession on February 8. The two were charged with third degree criminal trespass, and hunting/carrying a loaded weapon within 500 feet of an occupied building.

The gunslingers have been ordered to appear in court on Tuesday, February 23, to answer the charges. Plus, it ain't even Canadian Geese huntin' season in these parts!

Getty Images

If these to two big time game hunters had been thinkin' straight, they'd a just dropped a couple hundred bucks, and walked right into that Walmart and bought themselves a six pack of them Storm Front Full Body Canada Standard decoys. Plus, you get your choice of six head styles, and they're made from them there polypro construction. Not to mention you get that rollback pricing thing-a-ma-jiggy!

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