My heart says this is real, and we all need to fear the Yeti and its cousin, Sasquatch. Yes, that is the world I want to live in. The world where somewhere deep in the woods, lurks a beast of legend.

A beast so hairy and smelly, it could frighten Courtney Love's armpits. That is the kind of fear only the Yeti or "Squatch" could put in your heart. I have been on this for years. In search of these furry giants. I refer to it as "squatch watch."

I know this video is maybe one of the worst we have seen in awhile in terms of how real it looks. That could easily just be a dude in some furry clothes. If I had to rate this from 1-10 -- one being the worst and ten being the best -- I would have to give it a negative 400. I won't let this deter me, though. The struggle is real, and the search will continue until I find what I came for.

Here is some equally unbelievable bonus material: