This chick is THE most overrated comedian of all time!

I cannot stand Amy Schumer.  And now she is stealing jokes from Patrice O'neal.  I cannot show you the comparison video.  I just can't not on this site.  The language is way too much and I would be fired.  I cannot even out the link here for you but I will say it is very easy to find.  Just google Amy Schumer steals jokes from Patrice O'neal and it will blow your mind how she did not even try and hide the fact she was stealing material.  It's not even like she stole an obscure Patrice joke that no one would notice.  This is a joke that Patrice had done for years and was very popular.

Patrice was a friend of mine and if he were still alive he would rip this chick so bad that he would put her in tears and have her running out of the business.

I don't get it.  Listen, the old way of thinking is that women comedians are not funny.  It's just not true. Joan Rivers was a top notch comedian who could hold her own with any man.  Sarah Siverman and Bonnie Macfarlane are really funny women.  Wanda Sykes is a genius.  Amy Schumer is a hack.  She has made her career simply by repeatedly reminding us what a whore she is.  "Oh my god.  Listen to this woman talk about what a whore she is!"  That is what sparked her career, it's what drives it and she deserves zero accolades for what she does.  Oh and her TV is terrible also.