Here are some gift ideas thanks to for your friends or family who are either rich and don't need anything or they're just plain weird.

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    Alien Detector

    According, this internal magnetometer is interfaced with a microcontroller and operates 24/7 for eyeballing magnetic anomalies that have been reported with many UFO sightings. That's OK, I didn't understand it either. This fine piece of machinery is made by Images SI inc.

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    The Daddle

    "The Daddle" is just what it says, a saddle to put on top of Daddy when you want to ride him like a horse. This item is to be used by children only and not meant for bedroom play. Check it out for $43.19 on

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    Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

    This lovely gift will automatically piss of your mom or your wife! Nothing says clean than rubbing snot in your hair. My recommendation would be to make sure it's available in the guest bathroom for weekend guests. Check it out on

    Automatic Nose Gel Dispenser - Credit
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    Dog Fart Terminator

    Can your dog clear a room when it farts? Then you need Dog Fart Terminator made by entirelypets, this stuff goes to the source of the smell and replaces it with a clean fresh scent. DFT also works on other animal farts, beer farts, atomic farts, new and old farts. Check it out on

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    Squirrel Mask

    Why would you want a squirrel mask? Why not? Feel as one with nature. Experience the forest through the eyes of a squirrel. Collect acorns for the cold winter months ahead. Experience urges that only squirrels can experience or you could build a Halloween costume out of this bad boy. Made by accoutrements and available at for only $21.82!

    Squirrel Mask from Accoutrements - Credit