If you found something valuable could you give it back to it's rightful owner?  I think we would all like to believe that we could...but could you?

It's the age old question of right versus wrong.  Let's use cash as an example because cash is king...right?  You find a wallet with say 2,000 dollars and some credit cards and it has identification in it.  What would you do?  You have the persons address.  It would be so easy to find them and return to them what is there's.

I've been in this situation in the past a few times and I'm not proud to say I've been on both sides of it.  When I was a young man I found a wallet with a small amount of money and took the money and left the wallet.  Not cool.  I know that now.  Later in life the same scenario only this time the wallet had 500 dollars and some change in it.  I knew how badly I needed the money but I could not do it.  Why was it different this time?  It was different this time because about a year earlier I had lost my wallet and was in a panic.  I checked everywhere, I searched high and low and nothing.  The worst part was I had a significant amount of money in there and had an important bill due.  Well the guy who found my wallet tracked me down and returned it and saved the day.  It was a lesson I will never forget.  You can't take what is not yours even if you need it or you think you need it more.  Kharma is indeed a b*&$h.  I know this from experience and i don't want to be on the wrong end of it.  Plus how could I tell my kids what is right and wrong and then do the wrong thing?