On Thursday morning(12/19), Lou and I will talk about "The worst Xmas present you've ever gotten." You can post yours here on my Ethan Carey page or on the Ethan and Lou FB page.Here are some of Reddit.com's favorites:

1. "I got a used gift card with only $3.75 left on it"


2. "When I was seven my grandma bought my cousin a Play Station 2 and got me a Shrek lunchbox."

3. "I was unemployed and got a large, gift wrapped box from my parents filled with a stack of job applications."


4. This could be the winner!!.........."My great aunt had a live-in caretaker who unexpectedly died. The next year, when I was seven, I got a VHS copy of his funeral for Xmas."


5. "One year my grandpa gave everyone in the family bright orange rape whistles for Xmas.....even the men." What's the WORST Xmas gift you've ever received? Call The Ethan and Lou Show in the morning.....203-775-9595.