First off, Valentine's Day should not even be a holiday.  

Women seem to have an unlimited amount of holidays. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, their birthday, and their anniversary. Hell, they can make Arbor Day about them. Since it's also a holiday manufactured by the greeting card industry, it's really time for it to go. Don't give me that nonsense about Father's Day for men, or that Christmas is for us too. We get nothing and like it.

Since it is, however, a holiday for now, what can you do, in what will be record cold temperatures, this weekend to warm your lady up?

We had two love and relationship experts join the Ethan and Lou show not long ago, and they both seemed to agree that it is the little things that count. They said that men try and go for the big expensive gift, and while that is nice and often appreciated, it is not completely necessary. Both agreed that our women just wanna know that we pay attention to them throughout the year. So, knowing their favorite kind and shade of lipstick, for example, and buying that could be a big deal. Well, since there is no chance in hell we pay attention to that stuff, and/or retain it, we can call their girlfriends ahead of time, find out what it is, and slip it into her purse. Then, we have been told making dinner reservations ahead of time at a romantic restaurant is the way to go. We are not supposed to tell our ladies where we intend on going. We just have to tell them what the appropriate attire is ahead of time. They will know the destination only when they arrive there. While she is getting ready for the evening, we tell her to dig into her purse and find a small surprise. At that point, she finds her favorite kind and brand of lipstick, and you just blew her mind.

Then, she will feel like you pay attention to her, and you can take her to dinner, and hopefully parlay the night into some sweet, sweet action. Good luck. I know I'm gonna need it.