A Wallingford, CT woman found out the hard way last week

According to FoxCT.com,  a very unlucky 52-year-old woman ATE one of those dislodged bristles in a hamburger, and it got stuck in her intestine. YIKES!

I guess the burger must have been delicious! Those bristles aren't too flexible, and this one got caught. She had to have emergency surgery to remove it. And this wasn't the first time that they've seen this type of injury.

The doctor continues on in the article to offer common-sense advice, which I will pass along here:

Look at your grill before you put anything down on it to cook! Don't assume that just because Uncle Jed scraped off the grill, he did a perfect job and didn't leave a metal shard that could pierce your intestine on it.

C'mon people!

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