It's Tuesday, January 19 and I've been keeping my eye on six different weather forecasters trying to get a read on the track of winter storm, "Jonasand here's what I've found out.According to this is what we know:

1. There will be a storm.

2. The 'parent storm' has moved from the Pacific Ocean and has moved into Oregon and Washington as of late afternoon on Tuesday the 19th.

3. This could be the first storm in 13 years to drop a foot of snow on the entire northeast megalopolis.

4. This storm has the potential to knock out power to thousands of people because of the powerful winds.

5. Coastal flooding could be a serious problem.  

This is the's general forecast for the storm, "The 5 big cities in the eastern corridor - Washington D.C, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston need to pay attention to this high impact storm that will bring high winds and wet snow." 

In the Danbury area according to, "We'll begin seeing snow showers late Friday night into Saturday morning. The storm will begin to pick up steam during the day as it drops around 3 to 5 inches of snow. Later on Saturday night, we'll see a 70% chance of intermittent snow showers through the night on into Sunday morning. Saturday's daytime high will be 28 and will get down to 20 at night."

It goes without saying that this forecast could vary on a day to day basis. Check for constant updates.

On Saturday winds will be blowing between 20-30mph with some 40mph wind gusts. We'll get up to 35 degrees on Sunday and then plummet to 15 at night. Stay safe and listen to I-95 for up to date weather advisories.

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