We've dodged a few storms already this season, but it doesn't look like we'll have that same kind of luck with the next storm system that should affect us on Thursday.

I spoke with our Kicks 105.5 meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, about what we can expect and when we can start to see the snow fly:

After a unseasonably mild Wednesday morning, a cold air mass moves in later in the day and temps will drop significantly. Along that front comes low pressure that should bring snow to our area starting overnight Wednesday into early Thursday afternoon. The precipitation may start out as rain and wet snow, then change to all snow with accumulations between 4-8 inches. The only question at this time is the storm track. A little south and the snow totals could be a little bit less. Either way, I do expect plow-able snow and schools will probably close.

The good news, according to Bill, is that the system should be fast moving and be out of the Connecticut and New York area by early Thursday afternoon.