As you glance in your rearview mirror, you see those flashing lights which only means one thing, you're being pulled over by the police. Even if everything is in order, you freak out. If you know there's going to be an issue, your heart starts to pound, you begin to sweat, and now you've got to pee. has crunched the numbers in Connecticut as part of their "Ongoing Project Analyzing Traffic Stop Data" and here's what they found.

The data shows that if you get pulled over for "defective lights", "display of plates", or "window tint", you're more likely to get a warning...not a ticket.

You're most likely to get a ticket if you're "driving without a license", "you're not wearing your seatbelt", or you're "using your cell phone." Take note....If you're driving an ostrich, there's an excellent chance you're going to be pulled over.


The Connecticut police departments that gave out the most tickets were the cities of Hartford, Meriden, and Danbury, which came in at #1.

In fact from October 2013 to September 2014, Danbury police stopped 6,182 drivers and 86% of those drivers were given tickets while only 13% received warnings.

In the Greater Danbury area, New Milford came in a distant second with 50% receiving tickets......Ridgefield was at 46%.....Bethel at 31%....Brookfield at 28% and Newtown at 27%.

Age also played a factor with the most tickets being given to drivers in their late 20's. "Older" drivers received more warnings and men received the bulk of all tickets....upwards to 60%. What have we learned here?

Danbury police officers are doing their jobs and they mean business, and that's a good thing!

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