I've researched four different websites, almanac.com, weather.com, theweatherwiz.com, and accuweather.com in my search for a long range winter forecast for Connecticut, and I think you might like what I've found.According to meteorologist, Joe Cioffi, the El Nino affect plays a major role in our winter weather for 2015/2016 and it spells good news if you're not a snow lover. In a nutshell, the chances are good that the snowpocalypse that dumped on us last winter will not be returning. Remember Boston's storm from this past January?

Boston digs out on January 28th '15 - Credit Getty Images

Here's Your Long-Range Winter Forecast for 2015 & 2016:

December Weather - This weekend(12/11-12/13) the forecast is calling for temps in the upper 50's to 60 degrees on Sunday! Weather for the Greater Danbury area for Christmas 2015, calls for temperatures in the mid to upper 30's and no snow to speak of. That same forecast will most likely hold true through New Years Eve as well.

January Weather - We'll see temps from the upper 20's to the mid 30's with light to moderate snow expected near the end of January.

February Weather - As we get into early February we're looking at a possible moderate to heavy snow fall around February 4th through the 7th. It looks like the rest of the month will see temps above normal from the mid 30's into the 40's.

March Weather - Early March will see temps back down into the upper 20's to mid 30's with moderate snowfall. Mid to late March will see above normal temps with more rain than snow.

According to meteorologist Joe Cioffi, predicting weather long term is incredibly difficult due to the many variables, so don't take what I've written here as the gospel truth. Maybe, just maybe, your kids could see more than a couple of five day school weeks! If you'd like to check out the most detailed long range winter forecast, go to theweatherwiz.com.

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