The states are falling like dominoes -- the writing is on the wall. Marijuana will eventually be legal, not only for medicinal purposes, but for recreational use before you know it. So, why are we wasting billions of dollars fighting a lost war?

I am not a pot smoker. I used to be, and it just was never for me, that is the truth. I wish I was, though. I wish it was my thing, because the stigma is gone. Plain and simple -- half the people I know consume a THC product multiple times a week. Those are just the people willing to admit it.

I came home, sat down with my laptop, put the TV on, and what do I see? I saw a TV show called Pot Cops. What a waste of time and money. Holy crap! We have international and domestic terrorism to worry about, and this is what we are spending money on?

We have to stop the fight. No Mas. It is over. Alcohol, which I love, is much more physically damaging and that is legal, regulated, and taxed. Stop it already. I can not imagine what the Federal Government is spending to shut down growing operations in one state, while you get it without trouble or consequence in another.

Then, this TV show is still on in the background and the cops find a cache of weapons on the property where they are investigating this marijuana growing operation.

There would be no reason for more or any weapons if it was legalized in every state. Legalize it and tax it. Let's get going, and be reasonable. Can we stop fighting a losing battle?  Can we get busy and focus on the battles we need to?