I went shopping with my wife for vacation clothes for me and was reminded that women need to approve every outfit.

They need to ask probing questions, they need you to twirl and they need to grab the front of your belt line and ask how it feels in the crotch.  There is nothing more embarrassing than standing in a crowded department store half naked being asked about the comfort of your crotch but we all have to do it.  Once they start dressing you this is a regular routine.

Your almost better off having them buy it at the store and having them bring it home and hope for the best.  Although they insist you try it on right away because if they don't approve of how it looks on you it's right back to the store.

lou's phone
lou's phone

This practice in insanity however is a necessary evil.  If men were left to our own devices when it comes to buying clothes it would all be jeans and ratty t-shirts that are one size too big or small.

So the next time your wife asks you how it feels in the crotch just smile and say AMAZING.