Can someone explain to Lou and I why women always have the need to do 'stuff,' like going places and socializing?Mindy has discovered a new activity she wants us to try together, thanks to the NewsTimes, called 'Escape 101,' which is a puzzle solving adventure experience and here's how it works. You're locked in a 'themed room' and need to find a series of clues and puzzles which helps you escape. I must admit that it sounds challenging for someone who thinks quickly on their feet. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, which means I'm going to be trapped in this 'themed room' for a week while everybody's laughing at me. It sounds like a difficult indoor corn maze.

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There are 5 rooms, each one with their own theme and difficulty level. In a separate room is the 'GameMaster' who monitors the group making sure the rules are being followed. The GM can also offer clues in case the group isn't able to escape or someone panics and needs to escape. Your group is given 60 minutes to 'escape.' What happens if the 'GameMaster's' having a crappy day or just broke up with his girlfriend? Remember those 'word problems' you had to solve in high school math? Yeah, so do I, which means I'll be pounding on the door yelling to let me out!

The groups are anywheres from 4 to 10 people where everyone needs to work together to solve the 'puzzle' which leads to a code that unlocks the room's door. When the group walks into the room they will see several containers that are locked up. Each key or combination is revealed by the clues.

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