There are enough two-lane roads in Danbury that have been here a long, long time. Why have people not mastered the art of the lane change? By art, of course, I mean hitting your turn signal, and looking over to the lane you want to turn into before actually doing it.

I think those are the steps that are so essential when changing lanes in a motor vehicle. They are also the steps most often skipped by drivers in the great city of Danbury, Connecticut.

What I find most commonly from drivers in Danbury who are interested in a lane change is that they first think, "Hey! I wanna be in a different lane," and then they change lanes. They don't bother to signal or look.

I find that interesting. Mostly because, often times, the place they move their vehicle into at a high rate of speed is often already occupied by another solid vehicle. One made of metal, plastic and rubber. One filled with other humans.

It's not that I think I am a superior driver, although I am. It's just magnified, I think. The reason may be that the lane changing issues are in addition to ridiculous traffic, continuous construction, blaring techno music, illegal dirt bikes and cars parked in active lanes. It's probably just all of you know that stuff.