I like organic food just as much as the next guy, but Whole Foods is too expensive, at least that is the word. I've only been there twice because I am certain that other than there being hot chicks in there ... there is nothing there that I cannot get somewhere else.

I went to this place a few times with my ex-girlfriend and it's more of a scene than it is a store for health food.

According to the News-Times Via Business Insider, Whole Foods is falling behind the competition namely Trader Joes and Krogers in organic food sales, because their prices are just too high. If the article is accurate for example a bag of quinoa at Whole Foods is $9.99 and Trader Joes sells it for $4.99.

Well I will tell you what: Kale is made up, never heard of it before last year and so is gluten and corporations make this stuff up to make money off of us.

I've said this before on the radio show and it has enraged people who swear they have a gluten allergy and eating gluten-free has changed their life.

Consider two things:

1 - The mind is more powerful than you think. Scientists will tell you that the placebo effect is real and if you believe something is helping you it will.

2 - Corporations will do anything to make money ... ANYTHING.

If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong.  Also consider that if you write me a note about this and I happen to read it I won't care if you are offended or that you took the time to write it.