Dos Equis has decided to move on from Jonathan Goldsmith. He is the actor that plays the Most Interesting Man in the World in the Dos Equis ad campaign. They will replace Jonathan with someone and word is a decision will be coming soon. This got me to thinking who is the Most Interesting Man in CT? Well we will find out. The Ethan and Lou show will begin our search for CT's Most Interesting Man next week.

The winner of the contest will score a 100 dollar gift certificate to Mystery Ink Tattoo, a pair of tickets to a Ridgefield Playhouse show and and I-95 swag bag. If you think you are the Most Interesting Man in CT or you want to nominate someone else be listening to the Ethan and Lou show Wednesday morning March the 23rd. You will have 10 seconds to describe to us why you are deserving of this honor and 10 seconds only. We will hand select a few of you and you will be brought back on the show another day to present your case to the listeners. The more creative you are the better chance you have of winning.

If you don't think you are worthy tell a friend you think might be and maybe when they will they will share their prize pack with you. Good luck.

Ethan and Lou weekday mornings on I-95 from 5:30-10am.