There they are, our two finalists. On the left is Peter Lefloch of Bethel, CT and on the right it's Mike Harris of Beacon Falls, CT.The two of them have a lot in common in that they are educated and accomplished. They also are very different. We know that Peter is an artist and Mike is a strength and conditioning coach. Peter is 33 and Mike is 30 years old. Peter is engaged to his fiance Andressa and Mike is also engaged, his fiance's name is Nicole.

That's fun and all but tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou show we will find out all the real things that make these two so interesting. They claim to be interesting and so far on the surface it seems that way. We will make them prove it. Each will be interviewed by Ethan and myself and then you will make the decision as to who should be crowned the Most Interesting Man in CT. The winner will pop open a Dos Equis with us and will receive:

If you want to leave us a question to ask the guys you can do it here or call the show tomorrow at 203-775-9595.