Drum roll please...And leave the mic on, these guys can sing too.

It's time to take the greatest drummer/singers in classic rock, put them on center stage and see who you think is the best of them all.

I've narrowed the list of nominees down to five artists:

PHIL COLLINS: There was a time when Phil Collins was strictly a drummer as Peter Gabriel handled lead vocal duties for Genesis in it's early days. After Gabriel left for a solo career, however, Collins became the drummer/singer for good and enjoyed major success both with Genesis and as a solo artist for years to come.


LEVON HELM: The late great Levon Helm had not only one of the most unique voices in rock history, he also created a sound all his own as the drummer of The Band. Helm's vocals and drum work on songs like "The Weight", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and "Ophelia" are timeless.


DON HENLEY: Don Henley said he became fascinated with the drums as a kid and began tapping away on his books with pencils during class. His classmates finally had enough and encouraged him to join a band which he did but his destiny was only half realized. He soon discovered he had one hell of a singing voice which eventually helped The Eagles soar to the top of the rock scene by the end of the 70s.


RINGO STARR: Ringo Starr enjoyed a taste of success with The Beatles on the song "Yellow Submarine". It was enough to prove that he had a chance to make it as a solo artist once The Fab Four broke up. Seeing as he was just inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last month, it's safe to say Ringo did just fine thank you.


ROGER TAYLOR: It's hard to get any lead vocal time when you're in a band that has Freddie Mercury as your lead singer but when Roger Taylor had his shot behind the mic he made the most of it. Taylor's raspy tone fit perfectly on a handfull of Queen classics including "I'm In Love With My Car".

How you choose to rate these five artists is totally up to you. Is it their voice that puts them over the top? Is it their skills on the skins that make the difference? Maybe it's a combination of the two together that make them second to none. It may even be that they just happen to be in your favorite band.

Before you vote, click on the video posted above to get a quick musical review of the five nominees.

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