I have a friend coming back into town to visit his family and he asked me where he could get a good cannoli.  I was embarrassed as an Italian American that I could not answer him.  I also don't eat really anything sweet. I could call my father and get the answer from him, but I'm just too lazy so I'll sit here and put the question to you all.

Who is the KING of the CANNOLI?

This question came from my buddy Finster who used to work here with me at I-95 years ago and he has since moved on to do a successful morning radio show in Michigan.  We correspond on radio ideas a few times a month and he's always telling me how bad the food is where he lives and how he misses the food back here at home.

He already has his mind set on what he wants to eat in terms of meals, but has his heart set on the area's best cannoli.

Do me a favor though he's already traveling in from Michigan so let's keep the suggestions local.  I really am not going to tell him about some place in the Bronx because we all know you can great cannoli's there.