I don't think much of putting my personal life out there, but with this one, I felt compelled to ask a few people if they thought I should post this. I had a moment of pause when I thought about sharing this with the world, but when my sister Renee said, "Eww, why would you put that out there for the world to see?!" Then I knew for sure it was funny.

Saturday night, we went to dinner and then came home. For whatever reason, I was exhausted. Erica and I put the boys to bed, and hit the bricks. I guess I fell asleep first, because she snapped this beauty of a photo.

This is really a picture of me sleeping. She said I was unconscious and I rolled over in a dead sleep, and landed in this position. When she tried to move me, it did not work.

I wish I was smart enough to make this up, but the fact is I am actually this guy. Grabbing what is not mine while I sleep. This is not a flattering look for me. Jimmy crack corn and I don't care, 'cause it's funny.

Life is short, you gotta be you -- even in your sleep. I just feel bad for my wife, Erica. She cannot escape the depths of my depraved behavior, even when I am sleeping. This poor lady.

To her credit, I was comfortable, and although I was invading her space in so many ways, she let it go and found a way to get to sleep. Assuming you are religious, the next time you say a prayer, say one for Erica.