The fact is this team has been a mystery going into every year.

Let me save you the suspense for this season... THEY ARE BAD. The Giants scored 49 points last weekend in the NFL and lost the game. There is nothing more embarrassing.

If you score 49 points in an NFL game and don't win... you should have to leave the country. Optimistic Giants fans will now point to how bad the division is. They are right.  The NFC East is terrible. The division being bad means nothing positive for a New York Giants team that is as bad as this one.

The Giants season has one of two outcomes.

Scenario #1  - Tony Romo comes back and the Cowboys win the division.

Scenario #2 - Tony Romo comes back and is not enough, comes back too soon or gets hurt again. The Giants likely win the division and get crushed and eliminated right away.

This teams deficiencies are injuries and a lack of leadership on the field. Eli Manning is not a ra-ra guy. He's not a vocal leader at all.  He actually from a visual standpoint makes the Giants look silly with his body language when they play poorly. So where does the leadership come from?

There is no Strahan, no Pierce, no Tuck.  This team is not only weak at defensive skill positions and prone to injury, but they will break under pressure from a lack of accountability.

I have ZERO beef with Eli except for his cry baby faces.

I have ZERO beef with Coughlin.  He has put them in a good strategic place since he has been the coach.

You cannot deny that Eli and Tom have had massive success together, but this year's Giants team is NOT good and NOT capable of making a run in the playoffs.