Donny Jr, Eric and Ivanka. There they are, or at least maybe they are there.

Many people will tell you that the eyes are the window to the soul. If that is true then this trio either has no soul, or all three are psycho robots here to harvest human organs for fuel. Or is it not an issue of the soul but rather they are built with an interconnecting series of rubber bands that are all set to snap? If so, who goes first?

Let's start with Ivanka, who is often praised for her poise and public speaking ability. My problem with her is that I listen, but retain none of the information she is conveying. That is because I am considering what the consequences of not listening are.

Then, there is Don Jr. We all know he had a dust up with the media over the photos of him proudly game hunting in Africa. To me, that is nothing in comparison to the mixture of pain and anger I see in his face. He is either severely constipated, or he wants to steal our women and precious metals while leaving a wake of carnage and misfortune throughout humanity.

Finally, Eric Trump. I look at this dude, and I know somewhere there is an underground dungeon and he has the key in his breast pocket right now.

America is split. Some people will tell you that Donald Trump is the answer. Some people will tell you he is the most dangerous man in America...but is he? Or his it his terrifying spawn the thing we should fear most?