It was 7 PM on Wednesday evening, February 28, 1979 when I sat down in a tiny, dusty radio studio located upstairs in a building fondly known as "The Stone House."   After making a go at playing music full time in an acoustic music trio called Sunup from 1973 through 1978 in Rochester, NY, it was time to fulfill a dream when Ethan Carey was hired as the evening jock on I-95.

Credit - Ethan Carey

Yes, I was the guy who drove that school bus for Ridgefield High for a couple of years back in '80 to supplement my hefty paycheck. The starting salary was God awful, but the "work" was, and to this day, is still an absolute blast!

On-stage at the Ives Concert Park playing "The Friday Song" - Credit Ethan Carey

As Mindy and I celebrated my 65th birthday this past weekend with friends and family, it got me to thinking about those Ridgefield teens I was driving home from school back in 1980. Those kids back then are now in their mid 50s, and, for reasons unknown, I often wonder if they're happy with how their life turned out.

My boys - Ethan, EJ, Matt and Bradley - Credit Ethan Carey

As the years fly by, I've found that as I approached middle age, the time continuum has significantly picked up the pace. I find myself searching for old photos and memories that I never want to forget because you just never know. You could walk out to check the mail, and BAM you could get hit by a bus.

Credit - Ethan Carey

I find myself placing excessive amounts of photos on Facebook. For the people who are offended by the sheer volume that I do post, too freakin' bad!

Credit - Ethan Carey

It's been an amazing ride so far, but I'm not ready to get off just yet. Mindy and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on May 30 of this year, and I would love to celebrate my 40th anniversary with I-95 in 2019. "God willing and the creek don't rise."

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