It's nice to look sharp, right guys?

There are quite a few of us that don't rock long beards and bowl cuts.

Take a ride around Danbury, Southbury, Waterbury, Watertown and even Oxford, everywhere you look there are hair salons, nail shops, and day spas.

Many of these establishments cater primarily to women, some are unisex. Fewer still exclusively serve men.

I wouldn't say that men are under-served in our little corner of the world, but you have to do a bit of searching to find places that you feel comfortable in, and do a great job.

I asked a few of my buddies where they prefer to go for a hair tune-up. Here are some great places to go-


  • 1

    Blue Hills Barber Shop

    471 Danbury Road (RT.7) New Milford

    I've known a lot of dudes that have gone to this place over the years, not one of them has had a bad thing to say, ever.

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  • 2

    Jesse's Barber Shop

    314 Oxford Road (Rt. 67) Oxford

    Rave reviews from my friends. Friendly staff that enjoys what they do, plus top-notch cuts. Rumor has it that they enjoy adult beverages, sounds like my kind of place.

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  • 3

    Choppers Barber Shop

    1575 Thomaston Ave. Waterbury

    Choppers has been in business for over 22 years. Hundreds of my friends through those decades have trusted Jimmy Serra's steady hands to keep their domes looking sharp.

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  • 4

    Gary's Barbershop

    616 Federal Road - Brookfield

    Quick, easy, great cut every time. Those were the most common comments that I got when talking about Gary's. Second location along Federal Road in my little list. We look good all the time over here by the radio station.

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  • 5

    Adam Broderick Salon & Spa

    Locations in Ridgefield and Southbury.

    This is the type of place where hair dreams come true. Always on top of the latest and greatest hair trends and colors, Adam Broderick stylists are high-end surgeons, always ready to chop that stank mess off of your head.